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The Suds Behind The Soap

meet the founder

I’m Larisa. Founder and maker of all Skincare Republic products. As a licensed Esthetician working closely with skin for over 5 years, my love of skin health and the richness nature provides in healing it brought me to product making.

I grew up here in the Hudson Valley region of New York, always loving being outdoors, camping, and just exploring my love for the natural world around us. We have so much beauty here like the Catskill mountains and historic sites that I draw my inspiration from.

I want Skincare Republic to help elevate people’s self-care routine. When you think about it, anyone can just grab a bar of soap or lotions from the drugstore (and all the chemicals along with them), but choosing Skincare Republic soaps and body butters means each and every ingredient has been carefully considered for the health of your skin and entire well-being. Each ingredient plays a role. My vision is for my products to help people better take care of themselves by enhancing simple self-care routines.

Facial service Hudson Valley New York
To book a customized facial in the Hudson Valley region, please email Larisa directly.

We like to give the gift of nourishment through our soaps while transporting you to a serene nature scene for ultimate relaxation.

We like to give the gift of nourishment through our soaps while transporting you to a serene nature scene for ultimate relaxation.

Our vision is to eventually provide natural ingredients from around the world. 

That’s why we’re called Skincare Republic – bringing nourishment to skin inspired by cultures of the world.

The Skincare Republic Natural Soap and Body Butters Hudson Valley

Our Mission

To create beautifully nourishing skincare products for both men & women of all backgrounds while supporting the environment, women owned businesses and fair-trade.

In all our products we use fair trade & organic shea butter that richly nourishes the skin. We use only Baraka’s shea butter which is a small family owned company in Vancouver, Canada. It’s made naturally by woman in Ghana and they all receive a fair wage. You can have peace of mind knowing we do our best to support others and use quality ingredients in all our products.

Baraka’s means praise in Swahili so their process of producing shea butter brings praise to the woman who do the work.

All our body butter bottles are made from glass so they’re easily recyclable and better for the environment.

It’s extremely important to us that our company remains sustainable for the environment – we love the natural world around us so we want to look after it.

From our home in the Hudson valley to yours

We love being inspired
by nature

Our best days are spent exploring the natural world around us in the Hudson Valley New York and using the smells, sights and textures to inspire ideas for our next soap making experience.

You’ll love going on the sensory journey with us when you use our products.

Do you like getting lost in the woods?

A crowd favourite, our Into The Woods scented natural soap will transport you to the enchanted woodlands by engaging the senses of smell and touch. 

If after a hard work day all you have time for is a shower or bath, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this soap inspired by the forest.

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