Handmade in small batches

The Skincare Republic Natural Soap and Body Butters Hudson Valley

Natural handmade Soap & skincare

Crafted in and inspired by nature in the Hudson Valley

Handmade in
small batches


Fair Trade Ingredients

Highest Quality Materials

Skincare with Intention


Using 100% natural handmade soap in your wash routine means it’s safe to use on sensitive skin areas and is the perfect act of self love. 

Enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be nourishing your skin and your inner self as you clean. 

Handmade by a licensed esthetician, you can have the confidence that every ingredient is going to have beneficial effects to your skin and wellbeing.

I love the soap from Skincare Republic! It has taken my shower experience to a whole new level. They smell amazing and they don’t irritate my skin like most soaps - instead they calm it.